Pimp my light!

Create your individual lamp shade design in a few seconds! Renew the look & feel of your light and adjust it to your style. Any interior - your home, your office or shop will change with a new and unique light. Just send us your photo or design. And that's it!

One lamp, many goals

Maco lamp is one but has millions of faces. It is like camelon, it changes in the way you want it to change. It may be a modern and unusual company gadget, a gift or your totally awesame individual project.


Looking for a new gadget? Different than thousands of Chinese pens, pendrives and mugs? Think of a gadget that is eye-catching and shining advertisement. Think of thousands of people that will see your lighting brand in the shopping mall, pharmacy, hospital or wherever it will shine. Sky is the limit... 🙂


Become a designer and invent a totally personal lamp shade design. Change the interior in the way you feel. Express yourself - make it green, make it blue, make it gold, elegant or funny. Create a lamp for your kids and to your kitchen. We can print anything on it. Sky is the limit... 🙂


Looking for a gift for grandparents day? Register the print of your newborn son's feet and the first princess drawn by your daughter? Or just wanna keep the moments and save the memories? Do it in a new way and print them on the lamp. They will stay with you and brighten your house.


The unique & attractive advertising gadgets exhausted long time ago. Pens, mugs, lighters - everything is past. Untill now that Maco Lamps entered the market! It is incredibly good advertising medium for any brand. It doesn't matter if you are in pharmaceuticals, food, shoes or services. Imagine pharmacies or shops full of colourful leaflets, pamphlets, handbills, stickers and brochures. You will not be seen and noticed here. But if you have the Maco lamp with your company's name printed on it, you win twice. You gain a lighted advert, which normally costs fortune, in the point of sale where thousands of your clients can see and admire your brand. And the point of sale benefits from a free light source.

It is astonishing, but easy, practicall and profitable. Don't miss the chance!


Our totally customizable lamps are ideal for anyone bored with his home or office or any other space. Maco lamps can be totally designed by you. You can choose the print from thousands of photographs or upload your own design. If you have enough fantasy and are tired of things easily, you can create your custom lamp for any occasion in the year - for Christmas, for Halloween, for St. Clause and so on.

It is astonishing, but easy, practicall and profitable. Don't miss the chance!

Photo credits: floodllama / Foter / CC BY, WWW.MONTELIUS.INFO / Foter / CC BY


The idea to print beloved pictures on calendars, t-shirts, mugs and mousepads is very old. But the idea to print them on a lamp is a newborn 🙂 Looking for a unique gift to your parents or grandparents? You landed well! Here you can buy something awesome and absolutelly unique. Pretty and practical. A lamp with a print of anything that you have rights for.

Now the memories and thoughts of the past that can be held and played back everytime you turn on the light 🙂

Photo credits: elizabethpfaff / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND, WWW.MONTELIUS.INFO / Foter / CC BY, pocketwiley / Foter / CC BY, Frédéric de Villamil / Foter / CC BY-SA

Color cords

Color cords on request with no additional surcharge.

How it works?

It's very easy. You send us the photo, we send you the project, you choose the cable colour and send us money, we send you the lamp. Finally you enjoy the extraordinary light.

1. Choose a picture

Picture file (jpg, png, gif) of 300 dpi and 1275x200 mm (15059x2362 px) or link to picture. If your picture doesn't match the requirements, we will repeat it to meet the exact size of the lamp.

2. Choose a cord color

You can have the traditional transparent or black power cord or choose one of colorful rope-like cord. The cords available are presented above. Please ask us about avaiability before placing an order.

3. Send us an email

Order the lamp by sending us the email at: Attach the picture of the proper size. Give us the information on 1) a cable; 2) the address of delivery; 3) any other remarks concerning your order.

4. Approve the project

Within 3 days we will send you the project of your lamp. You have another 3 days to make up your mind and send us the approval or propose some improvements.

5. Send us money

We will confirm your order by sending you the details on the payment. We are waiting for money transfer from you for 7 days after above mentioned confirmation.

6. Receive a parcel

After receving your money we need 5 working days to print your lamp shade. And another 5 days for delivery. But in fact, it usually takes less time. Afterwards you can pick up the parcel from us and enjoy the brand new light.